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We’re excited you’ll be joining us for iPEC's LIVE Virtual Class!  Our virtual classes are substantially interactive and experiential, and just like our in-person modules, they provide you with excellence in coach training, all in the convenience of your home or office. To ensure you’re set up for success, please review all 5 sections below.


1. Technology Requirements

2. Your Environment

3. Important Dates

4. Guest Information

5. Opportunity

1. Technology Requirements

Our virtual training is extremely intensive and personal. We want you to experience the power of this training by engaging in one to one connections with your classmates. In order to foster this connection, you will be required to have your own device to access your module. Should you take advantage of the opportunity to invite a guest, be aware that they will need their own device to access the LPT training. This computer with the following basic specifications throughout the Coach Training Program in order to successfully complete the program components:

  • 80 GB hard drive or higher
  • 4 GB RAM or higher
  • Dual Core 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor or higher
  • Windows XP or Windows 7 or later/ OS 10.6 or later
  • Soundcard
  • MS Office 2007 or later, Office 2008 (for MAC) or later
  • Suggested internet browser of either Firefox 3.6 or later, Google Chrome 7.0 or later, Safari 5.0 or later
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later
  • Anti-virus program (updated regularly)
  • Computer microphone and speakers
  • Web Camera
  • High-speed internet connection (minimum 40 Mbps) obtained either at home (preferred for the best study setting) or via an outside source, such as the library, a quiet restaurant, etc.
  • Click here to ensure you are set up for success when using the Zoom platform.
  • Click here to check if you can access the Zoom platform from your location.

If you are unsure if your technology meets these requirements, please email with the subject line: Virtual Class Technology Question so we can get your question to the correct support person as quickly as possible

Prohibited Activities: The use of devices, including cameras and cell phones, for video or photography recording/live streaming is strictly prohibited in the virtual classroom. We do not allow photographs (including screenshots) or video to be taken during our training to respect the privacy of our students.

2. Environmental Requirements

In order to create an engaging classroom experience, you will be on camera and visible to the trainer and other participants throughout the duration of the training. Please know there will be frequent audio and visual participation. You will have multiple opportunities to practice and interact with both the trainers and your classmates, so please ensure your environment is comfortable and free from distractions as you learn exciting coaching tools that you will immediately put into practice. 

Many students enjoy using headsets or headphones during virtual training so please feel free to do so if you would like, however, headsets or headphones are not required for a great classroom experience. There will be appropriate breaks provided for personal needs.

Students will be sent the following so please have them with you when class starts:

  • Class materials
  • iPEC Pen (or pen of your choosing)

Students might want to consider having on hand:

  • Headset or headphones
  • Paper or a notebook for note taking
  • Plenty of water, snacks, and personal items that you need in order to be comfortable throughout the day

3. Important Dates

Class Dates: You can find all of our virtual classes here.

NOTE: Virtual Classes have a student limit of 45 participants. Please arrive 30 minutes early on the first day to ensure you’re connected properly to the virtual class.

Shipping Dates: Please allow 5 business days (7 total days) for shipping of your class materials if you live in North America. Please allow 10 business days (14 total days) for shipping of your materials if you live in the Middle East, Europe or Asia. When we ship your materials, we will email you the tracking information. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that we have your current shipping address and phone number when you enroll in class. If you request a change in training dates and you are inside this shipping window, you may not receive your materials until after your module training. Please plan accordingly.

Technology Requirements: Please review the technology requirements and make sure your technology is working properly prior to your class start. 

4. Guest Information - Module I Students Only

If you are a host student bringing a guest please know:

In the event your guest would like to attend the in-person training but you, the host student, want to attend the virtual class, please know we will allow a limited number of guests to do so for each location. 

  • Please make sure your guest reviews the technology requirements above.
  • Your guest must be able to attend ALL three days of the training.
  • Your guest must be someone who has never attended a Module I training with iPEC previously.
  • You can only invite one person as your guest.
  • Your guest will need to be using their own computer/device. Sharing devices is not viable due to the nature of the training.
  • Your guest must be registered prior to the first day of training for in-person modules. However, for virtual classes time must be allotted to ship their materials. Please consult the shipping timeline information above to ensure your guest will receive their training materials for class.
If you are a guest:
  • Review the technology requirements section above. You will need to use a separate device from your host.
  • Please know you have the option to attend either the virtual class or, if a seat is still available at our in-person class, you may also attend the in-person class.
  • Please be prepared to attend ALL three days of training, 9 AM to 7 PM per the time zone of your virtual class.

5. Let's make the most of this unique opportunity!

Whether it is a worldwide health alert, political unrest, or other serious challenges, coaches are masters at helping people not only manage and cope but thrive in the face of fear and change. We help clients create realistic, desirable, positive, and sustainable change in their lives. And while we’d all prefer we never had a crisis or undesired change in our lives, it’s comforting to know that there are professions and professionals who are ready, willing, and able to meet these kinds of challenges head on.

iPEC's Coach Training Program provides everything you need to become a certified professional coach—and one of the top coaches in the world. Right after the first module, you will be ready to not only help clients manage and cope, but rather thrive in the face of fear and change as you partner with them to create positive, sustainable lives. Through the Core Energy Coaching™ process,  iPEC Coaches become masterful at helping clients disrupt what isn’t working for them and begin the journey of making powerful, conscious choices—bringing their clients into alignment with their core values and greatest strengths to help create lives filled with passion and purpose.