Increase the Steady Speed of Your Organization

Connect Colleagues and Win.

Energy flowing vertically does not serve your customers.

The Connector System® accelerates the energized achievement of cross-functional priorities by developing 3 daily disciplines:

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Employees too often align to their vertical, rather than the customer. They send essential information up, then wait for decisions to come down before executing with cross-functional peers.

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Today, new information is generated faster than management can make decisions. The result? Employees wait, poor decisions are made, and toxic conflict erupts between colleagues.

Productivity doesn’t have to be painful.
Your people want to do great things together.



A cross-functional network of Certified Connectors building the daily disciplines required for steady speed.

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Strategically located across your enterprise, Connectors operationalize the 3 daily disciplines research says are required to accelerate the steady speed of value to customers:

  • Deeply align colleagues to imperatives
  • Operate with a shared reality
  • Empower decision-making at the edge of the enterprise



Percentage of executives who cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures.



Percentage of executives who are confident in their ability to develop cross-functional alignment.





Days left to deliver
your 2024 priorities
“The Connector System is changing the trajectory of our company.”

- President, Global MedTech Company

What the Solution Looks Like:

The Connector System® accomplishes what a train-the-trainer or change management program does not. In the flow of work, Connectors develop the organization’s ability to effectively work together by engaging with colleagues three ways:


Connectors effectively and consistently apply their skills to align colleagues to priorities.

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Connectors advise colleagues in diagnosing barriers and co-creating collaborative solutions.


Connectors develop the 3 daily disciplines in others by providing proven resources and applying new skills to work projects.

“The Connector System certification program is the best leadership development experience I've had in my 25-year career.”

- Malik Hakim, Project Management Specialist

Proven Results

Connectors utilize the tools and methods Verus Global has been supporting successful leaders with for over 30 years in 37 countries and 25 industries. Results include:

Case Study: Global Med Device Company
The change in culture beyond Connectors in 6 months  

4 Case Study

Simple, Flexible, Scalable

The Connector System® amplifies the effectiveness of existing structures, systems, and processes. It includes the proven components you need to create measurable, lasting change:

Qualification 17
Connector Certification*

Designed for the busy professional. On average, 1.5 hours of learning per week—application immediately adds value to the remaining hours of the week.
Alignment Calculator*

You get what you measure. The calculator is a scientifically reliable and valid 9-question assessment that enables your Connectors to quickly measure the degree to which any cross-functional team is aligned.
Program 5
Connector Solutions Library

To develop the 3 daily disciplines of steady speed in others, your Connectors partner and provide proven tools and methods Verus Global has refined over 30 years. These resources enable you to create alignment literacy deeper in the organization.
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Verus Global Expertise

To guide you through implementation, including preparing senior leadership for their participation.
Chat 18

The Connector Community

To gain first access to exclusive content, network with other Connectors, and for continuous improvement by working directly with Verus Global experts.

*Select number included per contract


Certification Program Road Map

5 Road Map



of participants in The Connector Certification Program strongly agree they are adequately prepared to deliver the expectations of a Connector.


of Connectors clearly see how their work will enable their organization to better execute priorities.

3 Easy Steps to Improving the Speed of Cross-Functional Execution


Connect with a Verus Global Connector specialist

Let's Connect

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Build your plan for steady speed

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It takes 18+ weeks for your Connectors to become officially certified. Candidates spend on average 1.5 hours per week and can implement their learning right away.

The certification program is 100% virtual.

Candidates will need to pass a knowledge assessment, submit two peer assessments, administer an Alignment Calculator, and submit a partner engagement assessment.

10-20% of your workforce population

A great Connector Candidate:

  • Is dedicated to your organization’s mission and enterprise outcomes outside of their position’s responsibilities
  • Has strong interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills
  • Has the proven ability to build relationships across all levels of your organization
  • Is a life-long learner committed to growing and developing themselves and others
  • Seeks opportunities outside of their comfort zone and tries new things
  • Is comfortable giving and receiving feedback
  • Is outcome-oriented, demonstrating a determination to drive things forward, ensuring decisions are made and followed through
  • Is a standout colleague—they actively contribute with a can-do attitude to create a collaborative and connected environment

30-years of experience are leveraged to provide you the simplicity and flexibility you expect in a premier certification program. As partners, we’re focused on key milestones while being available to you throughout the process.

Our clients use the Connector certification program, as they say, “to put their change management efforts on steroids.” Others focus on providing the proven disciplines of the Connector to augment their Lean or Agile investments. The question to answer: Where will our business benefit the most from greater alignment, shared reality, and empowered decision-making?

No. This is a modern approach to developing organizational disciplines in the flow of work. When your Connectors share knowledge, they’ll be doing so by modeling, consulting, and in partnership with you as you break the barriers to achieving your most important priorities. 

Connect with Verus Global to determine pricing for your tailored solution. 

Not currently and we’ve received a lot of interest, so we are working on it. 
“With Connectors we can now do micro-adjustments to our leadership and culture in real time at the moment of need, instead of a macro-intervention that is out of daily business context.”

- Rob Scott, VP of Surgical R&D, Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

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