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Now Offering World-Class Coach Training That Fits Your Schedule

One thing’s for certain—you want to become a certified coach.

You see how coach training will help you excel in your career and reach your professional goals. 


And now, you can complete your coaching certification in a way that better fits your schedule—during the week! 

As someone pursuing coach certification for professional development, you can now become a certified coach during traditional work hours. 

The Mid-Week Coach Training Schedule is for YOU if:

  • Scheduling full-day training sessions on weekends is just too tricky.
  • You expect to be more focused and committed to your coach training experience when it’s scheduled during the week, as opposed to weekends.
  • You’d prefer to complete coach training during your normal work hours and keep your weekends free.


Mid-Week Coach Training is available NOW! 

To begin your coach certification journey, schedule an appointment with an iPEC Admissions Coach. They’ll help to answer any questions you have about iPEC’s world-class coach certification program and get you enrolled. 

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