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Meet Sheryl James

iPEC Admissions Coach

Hi! I'm Sheryl!

I’ll be your Admissions Coach. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and what has you inspired to become a coach. 

Before our conversation, please take a few minutes to check out the two videos below. They will answer some basic questions you likely have about iPEC's program and what it's like to be a coach. 

Learn more about my private practice, professional coaching for parents of children with special needs on


Fun Facts About Sheryl

  • Graduated iPEC in 2015.
  • People describe Sheryl as bubbly, outgoing, knowledgeable, and detail oriented.
  • Published author of "Take My Hand" and Motivational Speaker.
  • Lived in both France and the UK and worked in 7 different countries in Western Europe.
  • 20+ years of experience in corporate America as a senior executive at several Fortune 500 companies.
  • Married for 29 years and blessed with 3 children who are all in college; family and faith are at the center of her world.

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