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Hi, I'm Carla! 

It's great to meet you. Let's create that vision for your life from the ground up. I'm here to help you do that! Watch my quick intro video to learn more about me and then let's connect

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  • Graduated iPEC in 2019
  • I'm a Massachusetts native who frequently (and unapologetically) uses the word "wicked" as an adverb 
  • During a 17-year long career in public relations, I worked with iconic personalities and brands including chef Bobby Flay and Absolut Vodka
  • As a top leader with social selling company Stella & Dot for over a decade, I helped 100s of women around the world to launch successful businesses of their own, and received top awards for leadership, lifetime sales, and earnings
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my weakness
  • My husband and I have been married for 24 years, and together have created a warm, loving and fun family life with our three amazing kids and two puppies
  • "Head up, wings out" is my mantra
Before our conversation, please take a few minutes to check out the Program Overview video—it will answer some basic questions you likely have about iPEC's program and what it's like to be a coach. 

My goal is to help YOU discover the possibilities awaiting you! 

We'll discover what that ideal vision is for you, together. 

Schedule a time to chat with me here. I can't wait to meet you.