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Becoming a Coach Can Lead You to Greater Purpose, Alignment, and Freedom

Learn more about the skills, experience, and confidence that'll help you build a coaching business that lights you up and makes a powerful difference

C121LC Guidebook button-1Try to picture it …  

You’re feeling a deep sense of purpose in your work and making meaningful connections with people every day. Your to-do list reflects who you truly are and aligns with your inner passion. Plus, you’ve got the freedom to choose your own vision of success and achieve the kind of life and career you may have never dreamed possible. 

You’ve invested in yourself, your professional growth, and your purpose — and it’s paying off. 


How did you finally get there? For many people just like you, it was through the unparalleled experience of becoming a coach. 

To be clear, this isn’t merely about learning to build a business or mustering the courage to ditch an unfulfilling job. It’s about the life-changing transformation that happens when you go from realizing you want more for yourself to actually believing you can have it—and then making it your reality. 

iPEC changed my life on every level!! The training I received allowed me to create a thriving coaching practice where I get to use my gifts to make an impact in the world.  Seriously, the BEST investment I have ever made that has given me a huge return over and over again."  -Stacy Hartmann

So, think about the best version of yourself (you know, the one who feels empowered, satisfied, and driven). Think about the sense of purpose you seek, the alignment you desire, and the freedom you’ve been searching for. Think about the YOU you’ll become when you give yourself permission to thrive. Then consider whether becoming a coach might actually be the best path forward. 

Curious about what’s involved in becoming a professional coach? Start by checking out this in-depth guide to understanding the field of coaching and find out whether it might be the right career path for you.

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