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Get Out of Your Way - Make this the Best Year of Your Life

It is perfectly realistic to say that this can be the best year of your life.

And it’s not a matter of putting in more hours or trying harder or having more money or more supportive circumstances. All that is wasted effort. It’d be like trying to ride uphill on a bike with broken gears. It’s exhausting and defeating and you won't make it very far before throwing in the towel. To make the biggest difference in your experience, stop pedaling so hard and fix the gears.

In Get Out of Your Way, you’ll learn how to fix your gears. You’ll upgrade your operating system and stop trying to solve your problems from the point-of-view of the problems. This ebook gives you the space to take a step back and work directly with the source of your experience.

Simple yet effective ways to reprogram your reality

These 9 chapters are dedicated to creating spontaneous growth in your life. Invest in the future you want by integrating these actionable insights. Learn:

  • How blame is holding you back from living an empowered life.
  • Your best self is not 10 years of processing and growth away— it’s available right now, in every moment.
  • Why authenticity works better than strategy— and how to get real.
  • How to take advantage of fear and turn it into a launching point for your best self.
  • How to neutralize your triggers and pause the downward-spiral instantly. (A shortcut to getting back into alignment).
  • Why mainstream compassion is counterproductive— and how to step it up and be of service in a bigger way.
  • How to change someone else.
  • How lightening up—especially when things are most daunting—will bring you true freedom.

Anchor in these points this year and watch yourself accelerate. Bon voyage!— Lisa Rapp

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