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Gain Wisdom from iPEC Graduates Kristen Walker and Rachel East of Clarity on Fire

iPEC Graduates Kristen Walker and Rachel East of Clarity on Fire

Kristen Walker and Rachel East are the duo behind Clarity on Fire, a life and career coaching site (and podcast!) that serves up inspiration and down-to-earth wisdom for people who know what they don’t want in work and in life, but have no idea what they’d rather be doing. 

They’re also the creators of the Passion Profile Quiz, a free online resource which has helped more than 300,000 people pinpoint the intersection between their passion and career. Their work has been featured online at major outlets like Time, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Forbes.

Watch their video to discover:

  • What brought them to coaching
  • Why they chose iPEC
  • How they found clients to make a real business out of coaching
  • What they feel is the biggest misunderstanding about coaching
  • How they built credibility as coaches, considering they were in their 20's when they started their coaching business

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