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New students can now get a jumpstart on coach training!

Eager to get started in your coach training?

By enrolling today, you’ll gain Advanced Standing access to your coach training materials, giving you an opportunity to get ahead and make the most of your coach training experience.

“Completing the Advanced Standing Program gave me incredible satisfaction in knowing that I am showing up fully for this process!”
Cindy DuSair, iPEC Graduate

Our Advanced Standing program gives you a jumpstart in your coach training so you can be more prepared, more knowledgeable, and more confident as a coach!

This exclusive preparatory program has been created for students who have enrolled in iPEC’s Coach Training Program during the Advanced Standing Open Enrollment period—from now to June 14, 2020.

Designed to help students “get the ball rolling” as quickly as possible, our Advanced Standing Program begins immediately upon your enrollment into iPEC’s Coach Training Program and gives you access to your coach training materials, lessons, and assignments weeks before your program begins.

There are multiple benefits to enrolling as an Advanced Standing student:
  • You start learning right away! No need to wait until the first live training module.
  • You get a head start on the coursework required to complete your certification.
  • You begin to develop your coaching confidence and competence faster so you can more easily work with your clients and get them great results!
  • For those interested in starting your own coaching practice, you’ll have more time later for Business Development and Networking Opportunities, which means you could have paying clients faster!
  • For those interested in applying your coaching skills to your leadership role at work, you’ll begin creating positive change in your organization, which could improve your bottom line and your personal fulfillment at work sooner!
PLUS, You'll Get Money Back for Completing Advanced Standing 

To make this even more of a win-win, you will get money back ($200 USD, $250 CAD, £150 GBP, €200 Euro, or $300 SGD) when you successfully complete the Advanced Standing pre-work before the deadline. 

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