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Energy Explorer Live Series with Michelle Kuei

Wednesday, January 26
12:30 PM ET | 6:30 PM CET

How to Recognize Burnout, and Beat It

OS EE Series (3)Let me guess: you set your sights on “new year, new me” and set all these incredible, meaningful goals and resolutions. You started out strong… and now your motivation is starting to wane. 

This is SO normal. 

In fact, study after study shows us just how pervasive this exact pandemic is. And no, we’re not talking about COVID. The pandemic of burnout is a common and real threat to the health and wellness of people in the workplace, and in every part of their lives. 

Michelle Kuei, an iPEC certified coach, has her own experiences with burnout. With the help of her coaching skills and training, she has learned not only how to manage burnout in her own life, but how to help others in her workplace and life to deal with it as well. 

Tune into the upcoming Energy Explorer Live Series with Michelle as she shares with iPEC Admissions Coach, Carla Greengrass, her own tools and practices. Join us on Wednesday, January 26 at 12:30 PM ET (6:30 PM CET) for insight into how to see burnout coming, and how to beat it before it sets in.

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