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Accelerate Your Team’s Performance and Amplify Your Impact as a Leader

Become a more confident leader and effective change-maker within your organization by leveraging these core coaching skills.

Access the Guide_How to Lead a Team v2What do leaders from Coca-Cola, Ernst & Young, IKEA, the United States Coast Guard, and most Fortune 500 companies have in common?

They all rely on effective coaching in their organizations to get results by creating meaningful shifts in mindsets and habits. And considering that most companies see a return of about six times what they invest in coaching according to Fortune Magazine, why wouldn’t they harness the power of coaching to improve their leaders and their teams?

Imagine having the tools and skills you need to lead your team to a place where they’re consistently exceeding the goals you’ve set for them.

The individuals on your team are excelling in their work and thriving on their individual journeys, while your talent bench continues to grow. Meanwhile, you’re feeling more excited about work than ever before and experiencing new levels of success, all with a sense of ease and flow.

…would investing in the coach training experience be worth it, if you knew this world was possible on the other side?

Your days of struggling to motivate and inspire your team can end this year.

It starts with learning a core set of leadership coaching skills—skills that many successful companies have been tapping into for years! And YOU can be the one to bring this transformative knowledge to your career, to your team, and to your organization.

Start by downloading our in-depth guide to enhancing team performance through coach-centric leadership—and take your first step to becoming the leader and change-maker you want to be.

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“Through iPEC, I learned how to apply coaching techniques to my organization’s leadership development training, helping me cultivate stronger leaders and drive meaningful change.”
— Pasquale Bisecco, iPEC Graduate
Training & Development Consultant
New York Presbyterian Hospital