Enrollment Is Now Open for the Next Online Coach Training Program


There's one thing all iPEC Coach Training students have in common—they feel called to make a bigger impact in this world. 

We’re guessing you do, too.

And now, in this time when the world needs certified coaches more than ever, you believe it’s time for you to make your impact by becoming a coach. 

After over 20 years of certifying coaches through our world-class coach training program, we believe that with the right training, you absolutely CAN do this. 

We, at iPEC, aim to make your journey of becoming a certified coach simple.

5 Steps to Become a Certified Coach

Because while this goal of becoming a certified coach is important to you, you’re searching for a coach training program that fits your current lifestyle, including your schedule, your location, and your financial plan. 

iPEC's LIVE Coach Training Program checks all those boxes. 

  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Convenient Location—all classes are available virtually!
  • Business Building Bootcamp
  • Accessible Tuition

Convenient Scheduling: When you enroll in iPEC’s Coach Training Program, you can choose to enroll in live classes held during the week OR the weekend. Schedule-friendly? Check!

Convenient Location: You’ll also get to choose which live training sessions you’d like to attend–virtual OR in-person.** Location-friendly? Check!

**If deemed safe, iPEC will offer training modules in-person, at a physical location. Find the location most convenient for you, here. Above all, we are committed to the safety of our students and trainers, so if it is deemed unsafe to host a module in-person, it will be hosted in a virtual classroom.

Business Building Bootcamp: You’ll receive a free ticket to Kickoff to Quickstart: Business Bootcamp Week—a $1,000 value!—when you enroll during the promotion period. This week-long event includes a series of workshops and assignments, presented by 3 guest experts, to help you define, design, and deliver a coaching offering and get in front of prospects. Check, check, check!

The best part about enrolling now? Saving up to $500!

  • Early Enrollment Tuition Reduction ($300*) for classes that start in March 2021**
  • Advanced Standing Program ($200 tuition)

January 31, 2021 is your LAST CHANCE to receive the above savings. The $300 tuition reduction* is available to you when you enroll during the month of January 2021 for classes** that begin in March 2021. 

To make this even more of a win-win, you will get money back ($200 USD, $250 CAD, £150 GBP, €200 Euro, or $300 SGD) when you successfully complete the Advanced Standing pre-work before the deadline. 

Financial-plan-friendly? Check! 

* $300 USD  |  £225   |  €300  |  $450 SGD  tuition reduction
** Applies only to iPEC's Coach Training Program—not Life and Leadership Potentials Training.

5 Steps to Become a Certified Coach

  1. Begin the enrollment process. Simply fill out the form to speak with an Admissions Coach—they’ll help you get enrolled in the program that’s right for you. 
  2. Receive a tuition reduction. Enroll during the month of January 2021 for a March 2021** start date to receive a $300* tuition reduction. 
  3. Schedule training based on your calendar. You can choose weekdays OR weekend days for your live training. 
  4. Get started right away, if you choose. With our Advanced Standing option, you will gain access to the training materials as soon as you enroll, allowing you to start now and work ahead. 
  5. Answer your calling to impact the world. By enrolling today, you’ll empower your future self, knowing you’ve committed to your important personal goal of becoming a certified life coach.

The world needs great, certified coaches now more than ever. iPEC is committed to training and certifying them. Now is the time to become an iPEC Certified Coach.

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